Monday, May 30, 2016

Crayola Is Turning Children's Inventive Illustrations Into Adorable Stuffed Toys

Crayola is making kids' dreams come true by turning their wildly imaginative illustrations into 3D stuffed toys, so the pint-sized designers can hold their inventions in their hands. With Crayola Imaginables, the company invites parents to upload scans or photographs of their little ones' doodled characters, which are then made into one-of-a-kind plushes that are as identical as possible to the shapes, shades, and eccentricities of the original sketches.

Professional tailors create the customized 16-inch toys in a span of four weeks for a flat rate of $129 (with a special $89 price until mid-June). If the stuffed rendition of the fanciful creature or kooky monster doesn't satisfy, there's an option to redo it for $40. But the ability to bring a child's fantasies to life—or, at least, to tangibility—is priceless, with the hilariously quirky examples below as proof.

All images via Crayola Imaginables.

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