Thursday, June 9, 2016

Cleverly Designed Bookmark Easily Doubles as a Brightly Shining Book Light

Bookmarks and book lights are two peas in a pod, but they’re marketed as separate items. Kyouei Design has created a product, however, that cleverly combines the two into one incredibly useful device. Aptly called Bookmark Light, its minimalist design features a thin piece of clear film that’s embedded with a silver nanoparticle ink that transmits electricity. This allows for its dual usage—with the addition of a lithium coin battery, the bookmark turns into a small light that illuminates your words on a dark night.
The Bookmark Light takes its natural form in a flattened rectangular shape. To transform it into a light, you simply fold the piece and sandwich the battery between either end. This activates the two clear liquid crystal lights, and they continue to shine until you unfold the device.
Kyouei Design currently sells the Bookmark Light on their website.
Kyouei Design: Website | Facebook
via [The Creators Project]

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